Physician Spotlight: Dr. Robert Anding, OBGYN

I first met Dr. Robert Anding through a friend and colleague of mine, a registered dietitian and one of Houston’s most outstanding nutrition experts, Roberta Anding.  It is no coincidence that Bob and Roberta have the same last name, they are husband and wife.

I felt a kinship to Dr. Anding when I found out he was on the LSU track team about the same time I ran for the University of Texas.  Anding held the SEC record.  Even more impressive, he was the first athlete in the history of LSU to receive the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship for athletic and academic achievement. This later led to him to be inducted into the LSU Athletic and Academic Hall of Fame. Because the Andings set such high standards in their respective practices, I consider it an honor to receive referrals from both of them.

Dr. Anding has the unique distinction of being the first gynecologist in America to have completed The American Society of Reproductive Medicine and The Society of Reproductive Surgeons sponsored Fellowship in Gynecological Reproductive Surgery. He has been practicing for nearly twenty years. He completed his training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston as chief resident. He currently serves as an instructor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Anding’s special interests include general obstetrics and gynecology, as well as reproductive surgery. Dr. Anding and his wife are the proud parents of three children.

Dr. Anding truly cares about his patients. Several years ago he worked in Dr. Oz’s free clinic in Houston and met a woman named Virginia Dietz. She was a pelvic cripple, and in the middle of the surgery to fix her pelvis, he found a cystic mass in her appendix. Six weeks later, he went back in and took out her appendix as well as half of her colon, which also contained cancer. Since he found Virginia in the free clinic, he begged the whole medical team at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas to treat her for free, and they agreed. Virginia is a spin class instructor and road biker. Not only did she make a full recovery, but what is even more remarkable is that four months after her second surgery, she and Dr. Anding rode together in the MS 150! To see Dr. Anding on Ch. 2 KPRC, click here!

When asked about what drives him to work so hard for his patients, Dr Anding had the following to say:

“The practice of OBGYN is generally a happy specialty with healthy patients. However sometimes you have to put your game face on, be serious, and work hard for your patients. It’s these times when you find and fix problems that without treatment could have grave consequences. I am able to preserve these patients’ happy and healthy lifestyles…. You can’t help but love it.”

Please visit Dr. Anding’s website for more info:

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