Slimdown Showdown at H-E-B


The best plan for a healthy lifestyle not the easiest or the most glamorous, but there is no substitute for fueling your body properly and exercising. The results can mean a lifetime of good health. Texas grocery chain H-E-B knows that well, and that is why they have launched the Slim Down Showdown, a lifestyle intervention program focused on helping Texans become healthier.

The Showdown, led by Kate Rogers, Vice President, Communication & Engagement and Shannon Hernandez Manager, Communications & Culture, focuses on educating the 25 contestants from across the state on proper nutrition, portion control, the importance of fitness and knowing your numbers. The program began in June with a 4½-day intervention program in San Antonio where they worked with experts from Methodist Healthcare, Cooper Aerobics and the H-E-B RDs before they headed home.

Once home, the contestants have weekly calls with a health coach, and blog about their experiences.  The winner will be based on participation in the program, as well as total health improvement over the 16-week duration. As an added incentive, the winner, revealed in October, will receive $10,000 and a fan favorite will win $5,000! Pick your fan favorite and experience their journey at

It was my good fortune to have just been hired as the Houston Region H-E-B RD and Kate Roger’s health initiative fits beautifully into my own good nutrition standards for CSL Nutritional Services. The H-E-B team promotes good nutrition and fitness for a lifetime. The rest of the H-E-B RD team includes from San Antonio, Letty Holmbo, MBA, RD, LD H-E-B Culinary Dietitian, Lorena A. Kaplen, R.D., Suzanne Parker, RD, LD, CPT H-E-B Corporate Wellness Coach, and from Austin, Kylie Bentley RD/LD, CLT.

The contest is part of a broader Healthy at H-E-B initiative.  This initiative includes store tours to help shoppers make smart food choices, healthy cooking classes and new signage that designates products that are gluten-free, fiber-rich, low in saturated fat and heart healthy. In September, the store will start an eight-week fitness challenge called Ready, Set, Move.

I’ll be conducting our first H-E-B grocery shopping tour here in Houston this Saturday, July 14th at 9:00 AM in the Woodlands at the H-E-B store in the Indian Springs Shopping Center at 10777 Kuykendahl Rd. I’ll stay to answer shopper’s questions after the tour. If you have any friends in the Woodlands, please let them know!

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