New Yummy Ideas for School Lunches

Dreading School Lunches…..We’ve Got You Covered 

Fun School Lunches

Fun School Lunches

Schools back and you are once again trying to balance what your kids will eat with what is good for them. Kids depend on healthy snacking to help them get their nutrients for the day, but school days do not leave much time for grazing. The student needs to get almost a third of their RDI from their lunch. Everybody gets tired of the same ‘ole sandwich, chips, and a piece of fruit. Here are some kid and teen loving, nutrient dense ideas:

Pizza Rolls: Add some color with a side of purple and white

Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls

cauliflower and yogurt dip. Pistachios in the cracked shell, melon balls or use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes.

Banana bagel with Peanut Butter. Slice a whole wheat bagel and spread with a nut butter. Add raisins & banana slices on top. Include Hummus with baby carrots & celery, bean dip with whole grain chips. Include a yogurt parfait for dessert.

Black bean, cheese, salsa, Guacamole for a spread on a whole grain tortilla. Include a fruit kabob with pineapple, strawberries, and banana chunks. Add trail mix.

Greek Salad, hard-boiled egg & turkey wrap. Include mini rice cakes with nut

Strong & KIND bar

Strong & KIND bar

butter, KIND bar instead of a candy bar.

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