Exercises You Can Do at Work

How many hours do you spend sitting at your desk?

Even when adults meet physical activity guidelines, sitting for prolonged periods can compromise metabolic health. Set your watch so that every 2 hours you get up and do something physically active.  There are plenty of exercises you can do within your office space, so consider adding these activities to your work schedule:

 1).  Shoulder rolls.  Roll your shoulders forward and then backwards 25 times.  Add shoulder shrugs, lifting both shoulders to your ears.Arm twist exercise

2). Arm circles. Place your arms straight out in front
of you with your palms facing the wall, and circle your arms 25 times forward and then backwards.  Repeat the same exercise but move your arms to your side, shoulder high, with palms facing the walls, and circle them forward and then backward 25 times each.

3). Wall puwall pushups sh-ups. Place your hands slightly wider than sWall pusupshoulder width apart on the wall in front of you. Spread your feet and move them back as far back as you are comfortable. Perform 25 wall push-ups, bringing your chin all the way to the wall and then fully extending your arms.  The further you are from the wall, the more difficult it is.

5).  Triceps extensions.  Sit on the edge of your chair, placing your hands on either side of you.  Leaving the heels of your hands on the chair, lift your hips off the seat so that your arms are straightened. Bend your eChair tricepslbows to move your body up and down (only your hands should be touching the chair) to work your triceps 25 times.

6).  Thigh work. Stand with your back against a wall. Bend your knees (lowering far enough to form 90 degree angles with your legs) and slide your back up and down the wall 25 times to work your quads.

 7). Hip and thighs. Stand behind your desk & lean forward while folding your arms and laying them on the surface. Lay your face on your arms.  Alternate lifting your legs 25 times (each) slowly, up and down, to work the gluteus muscles in your hips.  Lift the leg again, but leave it in the air, bending at the knee and extending 25 times. Repeat with your other leg. Next, lift the leg again, leaving the knee bent and lifting it up and down while your foot is flexed.  Switch legs.

 8).  Inner and outer thighs. Sit back in your chair. Put your feet on the outside of each front chair leg. Squeeze your thighs, pushing against the chair legs 25 times.  Next put your feet on the inside of the front legs and push out 25 times. This exercise works your leg abductor and adductor muscles.

balance9). Balance. Stand and balance yourself on one leg while the other leg is extended out in front of you. Next, move your leg to the side for a few seconds and then back while keeping your balance. Switch legs and repeat.

10). Side and back. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lift your arms, fully extended, on either side of your head. Lean your body to the right and extend your left hand, keeping your shoulder at
your ear. Relax and repeat 25 times. Perform the exercise again on the opposite side with your right palm extended toward the left side.side stretch

 Now, take 5-10 minutes to stretch. Choose some of these stretches to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaDXNjFjjnU

On your next break, spend 5-10 minutes climbing stairs, walking the halls and/or stepping outside for a brisk stroll in the great outdoors.  This should become part of your daily work schedule.  Your new work physical activity combined with your regular exercise program, a nutrition plan following the new USDA guidelines  (Great tips based on the new recommended USDA guidelines) and adequate rest will make a world of difference in regards to your health and wellbeing.

Consider getting a tracking device to keep up with mileage covered. KarenCollin’s blog does a great job reviewing these devices.

 To help you decide the best exercise routine for you, use the “gold standard” guide, which can be found here: The American College of Sports Medicine.

Make it a habit!



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