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As a registered dietitian and a member of The Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, Carol is uniquely qualified to promote more healthful restaurant menu items, and to collaborate with chefs and restaurateurs in:

  • Developing appealing and palatable yet healthful menu fare in reasonable portion sizes.
  • Conducting nutrition information analysis for standard menu items using the USDA database.
  • Contacting manufacturers, distributors, and trade associations for information not available on database.
  • Ensuring that the posted information is accurate.
  • Using culinary expertise to obtain optimal results.
  • Educating clients about USDA recommendations for healthy eating.

Cost is determined based on individual needs and can be discussed with Carol during a consultation. Please call the office at 713-932-8888 to set up your initial meeting today.

You can review upcoming food and restaurant industry labeling requirements set by the Patient and Protection and Affordable Health Care Act here.

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