Thoughts on 2011 ADA Leadership Institute

Reflect. Inspire. Empower.

June 9-12, 2011

It was my good fortune to be invited by SCAN (the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition sub unit of The American Dietetic Asso.) to attend this year’s Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona and room with Christina Scribner.

There were over 200 RDs bursting with ideas and questions after listening to some incredible, dynamic speakers.   We learned how to build a brilliant shift with Simon T. Bailey., strategic influencing with Robert Harris and about Remarkable Leadership with Kevin Kikenberry.  There was Self-Directed Leadership and Tribal Leadership with Dave Logan and to my amazement I found out that I was Judicious-Competing and Assertive-Directing.  Dear Christina was Altruistic-Nurturing and Cautious-Supporting which worked out well for me, because I could boss her around and she was understanding about it.

We made our gutsy hike up Camel Back and it was not until Sunday morning while at the airport that our Texas Dietetic Association President Elect, Karen Beathard, showed me the emergency room stitches on her forehead from falling down the big rock.  She is alright, but if I go back to Scottsdale, I’m not tempting fate. I’ll hang out in my sweat suit in 200 degree weather by the pool.

I’m ready to lead if I can get somebody to follow!
To see pictures from this event please visit my facebook page by clicking HERE.

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