Change How Your DNA Impacts Body Fat and Disease

Body Fat Loss and Health, It’s Not Just Calories in Calories Out: It’s Epigenetics

Exercise and certain nutrients promote health, reducing most people’s risks of developing disease, including obesity, but just how, at a cellular level, have only recently really been investigated by researchers with some very interesting findings.

Genes are, of course, not static. They turn on or off, depending on what biochemical signals they receive from elsewhere in the body. When they are turned on, genes express various proteins that, in turn, prompt a range of physiological actions in the body. Your lifestyle, including the foods you choose to eat & exercise impacts the messages your genes receive & send.

Methyl groups (cluster of carbons & atoms) attached to the outside of your genes can turn genes on and off (methylation) and Histones (proteins) that DNA is wrapped around make it easier or harder for that gene to receive and respond to messages from the body. The behavior of the gene is changed, but not the fundamental structure of the gene itself. Remarkably, these methylation patterns can be passed on to offspring – a phenomenon known as epigenetics.

Hear about what nutritious foods (nutrigenetics) and exercise can do for your genome and that of your children and grandchildren:


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