KBR Houston Puts Healthy Food on Their Plates and In Their Kitchens

The KBR Houston Good Nutrition and Lifestyle class participants have spent the last 3 weeks reshaping their plates to include more fruits and vegetables. Class members have reorganized their refrigerators to include more fresh produce, low fat dairy and lean protein foods.  Pantries have been stocked with a variety of nuts, seeds, whole grain products, nut butters and vegetables meant to be stored in a cool dry place.

Check out the pictures they have shared.

Silvia's Green Bean Salad

Silvia’s Green Bean Salad


Frelynn’s Meal

Frelynn’s Frig

Abigail Organizes

Ruben's meal

Ruben’s plate with healthy carbohydrates

Rachel's Plate

Rachel’s Plate loads the green stuff

Stacy's counter

Stacy’s counter


Stacy puts salmon on her plate next to the good stuff

Abigail's Refrigerator

Abigail’s Refrigerator gets organized for the work week

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