Why Choose CSL?

  • You will consult with an accredited, licensed nutrition professional with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.
  • You will have a customized nutrition plan designed specifically for you which incorporates your lifestyle and food preferences.
  • You will receive updated and accurate instruction that will provide you with the tools necessary to be nutritionally sound for life.
  • You will obtain informative and interesting nutrition handouts that can serve as a constant reference source.
  • You will learn proper techniques to maximize benefits from exercise and conditioning.
  • You can have food records monitored online from data input by you at home or at work.
  • You will benefit from cooking demonstrations and classes held in the CSL Nutritional Services kitchen.

CSL’s Competitive Advantage

Unlike chain weight loss centers, CSL‘s customers work directly with a Registered Dietitian rather than a sales person who likely has little or no formal training in food science.

Unlike chain weight loss centers, CSL‘s clients are not pushed to buy supplements or frozen dinners to help sales people meet quotas.

Unlike mass marketing weight loss franchisors, CSL‘s clients are treated as individuals, not as part of some bland, “one size fits all” system.

Quite simply, CSL promotes easily accessible nutritious food, sensible exercise, and the best techniques to make permanent and life-enhancing changes.

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